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A glimpse of my achievements and specialities


Bhawna Sharma's musical journey began in Kolkata, where she honed her talent as a child. Trained in classical music at Jaipur Sangeet Mahavidyalay and in western vocals at Delhi School of Music, Bhawna's mastered diverse genres. From playback singing to international collaborations, her versatility and cultural preservation passion make her a rising star in the global music scene.

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Social media Fame

Bhawna Sharma, renowned vocalist, has lent her enchanting voice to various international projects, including Lasota Music, USA. Dive into the magic of her melodious videos on her YouTube channel, where 1M+ viewers have witnessed her extraordinary talent. Subscribe today and let her soulful voice serenade your senses.

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Bhawna Creations is your go-to for complete music lessons, brand jingles recording, and personalized song services. Elevate your musical journey with expert guidance and top-notch studio experiences.

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How It Works?

Find out how we deliver your own customized tracks.

1. Customize Songs

Transform your favorite songs into personalized masterpieces with Customize Songs. Tailor lyrics, adjust tempo, and add special effects for a unique musical experience that reflects your individual style.

2. Occasional Specials

Elevate every occasion with Occasional Specials – your go-to service for curated and unique event enhancements. From bespoke decorations to personalized touches, we turn moments into memories.

3. Voice Dub projects

Enhance your content with Voice Dub projects – our professional service seamlessly integrates expertly dubbed voices into your projects, ensuring clear communication and engaging narratives

4. Creative Collabs

Unlock creativity and boost your online presence with Creative Collabs! Our social media collaboration service connects you with like-minded creators, fostering innovative partnerships that elevate your content and reach new audiences.

Corporate Jingles

We provide great corporate brand jingles for their brand representations.

Elevate your brand identity with our custom music services tailored for corporate excellence. We create bespoke soundscapes that resonate with your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Experience top-notch support for custom music services – our dedicated team ensures your musical vision comes to life. From tailored compositions to seamless integration, we provide expert assistance for a harmonious and personalized audio experience.

Focus of Cultural fusion: Bhawna's music reflects a unique blend of cultural influences. She seamlessly merges traditional elements with contemporary sounds, creating a fusion that celebrates India's rich heritage while embracing global musical trends.

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Vocals Training

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"Elevate your vocal prowess with Bhawna Creations' Western vocal learning services, tailored for a harmonious journey into the world of contemporary music."


Learn Singing

"Discover the melody within with Bhawna Creations' singing learning services, where passion meets professional guidance for an enchanting vocal journey."

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“Thank you for singing my song. It was great working with her!”

Ryan A.

Lets Make it Right, WomenLove Album

“Great Voice quality, she sang and promoted my song in really great way!”


Hum tere Deewane hai, SY Production, Youtube

“Her western vocal range as an indian was amazing, great to work with!”

Michael Lasota

Lasota Music Productions

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