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Highlighting the Universal Language of Music Through bhawna sharma new cover release ghodey pe sawar

Jaipur-based multilingual music artist Bhawna Sharma has taken the music industry by storm with her latest single "Ghodey Pe Sawar." This captivating song stands out for its release in seven different languages, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India. Through a fusion of traditional and modern elements, Bhawna beautifully captures the evolving cultural landscape of the country with a contemporary touch. Her remarkable talent to sing in eight languages has positioned her as a rising star with immense potential to make a lasting impact on the global music scene.

Bhawna Sharma's unwavering dedication to music has garnered her recognition as a youth icon and a promising new talent. Her musical journey started in Kolkata, where she began her music education as a child. She further honed her skills in classical music at Jaipur Sangeet Mahavidyalay. After a break, Bhawna returned to the world of music, performing live and collaborating with LasotaMusic USA. She also ventured into playback singing for the Indian patriotic movie "Fauji Hindustan Ke" and received valuable western vocal training at the Delhi School of Music.

The release of Bhawna's latest single in multiple languages, including English, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Bengali, Chinese, Tamil, and Telugu, highlights the linguistic diversity of India. Through this endeavor, she aims to preserve and share the cultural values and traditions of India with the rest of the world. Bhawna's passion for music even led her to explore K-Pop music, eventually becoming a Korean K-Pop artist affiliated with the Korean Culture Centre. Her exceptional ability to sing in multiple languages has solidified her position as a rising star, attracting attention and anticipation from the global music community.

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